Weekly Prayer List

Please offer your thoughts and prayers for:

Billy Arbuckle, Zachery Bell, Colette Boudreaux, Bryan Bowman, 

Javier Cruz,Joan DeBrincat, Jackie Edmonds, Jeanne Fouke,  Jim  Feederle,

Sandra Ferrer, Paulette Hunnewell,Carol Johnson, Steve Joiner,

Brett Lane, June McGough, Susan Murphy, Barb Musgjerd, Lee Nelson, 

Kat Nelson,Ken Neundorf, Ellie Petty, Ursula Rheinfurth, Georgina Rockwell, 

Bayron Salguero, Lisa Sakugawa, Bob Shumate,Marie Sorenson

Cynthia Nitrini Stary,Carol Strand, Dicksie Thompson,  

Don Volger, Gail Watson, Janet Weber and Jason Zarookian

for healing


 Ana Etelia, Edna Fields, Stephen Gomez and Hazel Sober-Robinson

for trust in your mercy


  Jully Bender, Mo Costa, Mary Hohmann,Krista Kangas, 

Joan Lawton, Martha Murphy,Cecelia Ortega ,

Arvik Rostamaians and Edward Tursa

for wholeness and well-being


Darla Browning, Mrs. Dyer,Mona Enos, Sam Gros,

Nancy Johnson,Debra Lande, Sonia Martinez, Tim Pugh 

Joan Riedell , Jason Zarkookian and Sue Zeider

 for strength and healing in fighting cancers


Adnan Aswad , Lily Friedkin, Priscilla Hardcastle,

Billie Hayes, Carol Lande, Raynard Lang, Steve Martinez, 

Michael Osborne, Juan Antonio Rivera, Patricia Robb,

Harlowe Skinner, Valerie Stewart, and Donna Volger 

 for hopefulness and strength

For all military service men and women who

are deployed or serving our country.

Memorial Candles are lit in memory of :

Due to the CoronaVirus, no candles have been lit.

See the special prayer request below.

The Rainbow Candelabra 

on the altar serves as a reminder of this community's 

inclusive welcome to all of God's people and it's intentional welcome

to the LGBTQ  community.

Lord in your mercy,

hear our prayer


Hollywood Lutheran Church

1733 N New Hampshire Ave.

Hollywood, CA 90027