Weekly Prayer List

Special Prayer
God of peace, protect the people of Ukraine. Give the leaders
of nations the wisdom to  choose peace over war, dialogue over
conflict. Comfort those who fear and  caught in the middle
of the conflict.

Please offer your thoughts and prayers for:

Zachery Bell,  Javier Cruz,  Jim Feederle,
Sandra Ferrer, Jeanne Fouke, Alex Levitan, 
Hugo Martinez, Georgina and Gerald Rockwell, 
for healing 

George Demas,   
Yvonne Pizzo, and 
Arvik Rostamians
for trust in your mercy 

  Jully Bender, Mo Costa, Mary Hohmann,
and Martha Murphy, 
for wholeness and well-being 

Johnny Birge, Jaha Blackwell, Aubrey Craft Jr., Sam Gros,  
Debra Lande, Kat Nelson, Tim Pugh, Colleen Riedell, and Will Terry 
 for strength and healing in fighting cancers 

Michelle Cuozzo, Thomas Foley, 
the Matt Lazarus  family, Angel Lynn, Kathy Manzoor, 
Lee Nelson, the Riedell Family, Rev. Peter Wernett and Family

 for hopefulness and strength

For all military servicemen and women who are deployed or serving our country.

Virtual Memorial Candles are lit in memory of :
Paulette Hunnewell, Gail Emilie Kanner, Kim Marler, 
Ferd Schaff, and Suzanne Wernett

The Paschal Candle

Located in the entrance of the sanctuary is used by our congregation as the
welcoming light of Jesus Christ. In the same way that it has traditionally been
utilized as light to the world

The Rainbow Candelabra
As a reminder, this community is inclusive and welcomes all of God's 
people. The rainbow candelabra located on the altar serves as a reminder of this
community's inclusive and intentional welcome to the LGBTQ+ community.

If anyone would like to add or re-add a name please email or call out office
hollyluth@sbcglobal.net (323) 667-1212
Names normally remain on out list for two months or it's removed before by request.


Lord in your mercy,

hear our prayer