By the Grace of God we have been given the opportunity to employ

Pastor Joseph Castañeda-Carrera.

Pastor Joseph is a T.E.E.M. who has started a new ministry catering

to the Latino LGBTQ community. 

Pastor Joseph hails from Oxnard California. He attended UCLA where 

he received his Bachelors Degree.  He continued his education at 

Cal State Northridge and received a Masters Degree. He is currently

enrolled at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary where he will be

working toward his ordination while serving Hollywood Lutheran



Bishop Guy Erwin has authorized Pastor Joseph to preside at

holy communion and other holly sacraments while he finishes his


Pastor Joseph currently resides in North Hollywood, CA with his 


Our Pastor

 Hollywood Lutheran Church was founded May 29, 1921, when a group of 24

 people, who had been meeting for worship and prayer in  a private home in Los  Feliz, who on May 29, 1921 opened a "Charter" of those wishing to start a new  Lutheran congregation in the area. Quickly outgrowing a house living room, they  began holding services in the Iris Theater in Hollywood, and found their first

 pastor, Rev. Milton H. Stine.


 In less than a year, the new congregation had purchased a lot on Sunset Blvd.

 near Van Ness, apparently unaware at the time that it was surrounded by

 properties being acquired by Warner Bros. Pictures, which had been established in  1918.


 As Warner Bros. began to expand its Hollywood presence, a deal was made. 

 Hollywood Lutheran Church sold its lot to Warner Bros., and purchased a

 permanent site in Los Feliz.  In return, Warner Bros. made a generous donation to  help with the cost of construction and furnishings.


 In 1924 the congregation built its present home, at a cost of $70,000! The  Sanctuary was dedicated November 9 that year and, although it has seen  numerous redecorating and remodeling changes, has been in continuous use ever  since.


 A Sunday School rear building was completed in 1937, and enlarged in the  1940s.  A two-story educational and office wing was added in 1968, replacing part  of the rear building.  At some time after that, but by 1976, the front steps were  removed and the retaining wall and front terrace were created.



Hollywood Lutheran Church

1733 N New Hampshire Ave.

Hollywood, CA 90027