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Worship Services at Hollywood Lutheran
Are Sundays
at 10:00am

in the main Sanctuary.




Fellowship Hour
Hollywood Lutheran Church has an hour of fellowship following each Sunday
Service.  There is a pot luck on the first Sunday of the month in Durkee Hall
and coffee and snacks every Sunday after that also in Hoick Hall.

Monthly Events of Interest Include:

Church Council Meetings
The Church Council of Hollywood Lutheran Church
meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month
in Hoick Hall at 7:00 PM


Mariposa Prison Ministry
The Mariposa Prison Ministry letter writing campaign committee meets on the 4th Saturday of the month
in Hoick Hall.
The Worship and Music Committee
The Worship and Music Committee Meets
on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4:30 pm
in the Pastor's Office.
Choir Rehearsals
Choir Rehearsals are held every Thursday Afternoon at 7:00 pm
from August through June in the Sanctuary.
See Tim León for more details.

Other Congregations meeting on our campus:

On Ma Eum
(Korean Language Church)

meets at 11:45 am: in the Sanctuary. 

Mount Hollywood Congregational Church
Meets in the courtyard gallery.
At 10:30 AM
For more information:


The American Catholic Church

 meets at 1:30 PM

in the main Sancturary.

For more information:

Weekly 12 Step Program Meetings

To help those with addiction issues, Hollywood Lutheran Church hosts several 12 Step Program Meetings.  Below are the days and times of those meetings:

Sunday Meetings:

5:00 pm: Chapter 9 Couples, held in Hoick Hall

8:00 pm: Step 11 "Concious Contact, held in the courtyard gallery

Monday Nights:


​7:30 pm: NA "Monday Night Madness", held in Durkee Hall

9:30 pm: NA "Not Guilty", held in the courtyard gallery

Tuesday Nights:


​ 7:00 pm Debtors Anon (CSC Visions), held in courtyard gallery

Wednesday Nights:

7:00 pm: AA Beginner/Newcomers, held in Durkee Hall

7:30 pm Al-Anon held in the Courtyard Gallery

8:30 pm: NA Newcomers Progressive Recovery NA held in Durkee Hall


Thursday Nights

7:00 pm SRA, held in the Library:

7:00 AA No Frills Step Study held in the courtyard gallery

Friday Nights:


6:00 pm: OA Overeater's Anon, held in the courtyard gallery

7:00 pm: AA New Hope on New Hampshire, held in Durkee Hall

12:00 am: Friday Nidnight NA, held in the courtyard gallery







10:00 am: Sat. Morning Al-Aon, held in Durkee Hall

11:00 am: Sat. Al-Anon, East Side Double Winners, held in the courtyard   gallery

8:00 pm: Hollywood Squares AA, held in Durkee Hall


Check with Parish Office for the most current schedule of meetings

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