DECEMBER 31, 2020


To All: 


As 2020 has come and gone and I look forward to a great new year ahead.  As with each year, 2020 began with the Church examining itself and its financial future.  We also looked into how we could better serve the communities around us.

Our largest contribution to the community has been the Food Pantry program which has grown is size over the years.

Another of our programs that has grown is the Mariposa Prison Ministry which provides spiritual contact to many persons who have been incarcerated for the crimes they have committed.

Membership was another concern. As in years past, membership has remained flat despite our efforts to gain new members.

Many of our congregants are beginning to age prompting more home visits from our Pastor.


2020 has also caused us great concern because of the Coronavirus that continues to run rampant in Southern California.  The virus, which began in March, forced Hollywood Lutheran to rethink how, as a congregation, we worship together.  Technology has helped solve this problem.  Our Music Director, Tim Leoñ stepped up to find people who could help develop Zoom sessions for worship services. Which have been quite successful.

With the passing of Alejandro, Abilio’s father-in law, we began the remodeling of the “bungalow”.  That project is nearly finished so that we may begin searching for a renter and thus replacing some lost revenue.

Overall, our finances are in fairly good shape.  Due to the Coronavirus, we have lost revenue from the user groups who are obeying the Governor's order to not meet in person in large groups.


We are looking forward to Hollywood Lutheran’s 100th birthday coming in May and to being here to serve the community for more years to come.

This year also saw Pastor Joseph being called to the Synod for a new position.  As his contract with us expired on January 1st, we are looking forward having a new Pastor.  At this time it looks like Pastor Edgardo Ramirez will be presiding over the congregation.

As a consequence of the virus, we have suspended the Annual Congregational Meetings until such time as it is safe to gather. So, as advised by the Synod, I have asked the current Council Members to retain their positions through 2021.  All agreed to do so.

As for myself, I will continue to serve you as President in 2021.  I still have my health and look forward to guiding the Church through whatever issues arise. I will continue to make decisions that help us conserve money and allow us to stay in business for many years to come.


Tom Scott, President

Hollywood Lutheran Church Council


Treasurer's Report 2020

      It's been a challenging year. We finished the year with a net deficit of $136,555, a significant increase over last year's deficit of $60,728. This was due primarily to decreases in our user group income due to Covid19 shutdown ($52,757 budget shortfall), as well as decrease in offerings ($7,149 shortfall). Increased Music Ministry expense in the cost of online production services engineering & recording put us $9,517 over projected budget. In addition, we invested $19,292 on capital repairs for the bungalow.


     In 2020, our mission support to Synod was $3,126. In addition we gave $3500 in support of Synod

ministries as well as $500 to ELCA World Hunger Relief. We spent $761 on Prison Ministry, $10,358 on Food Pantry ($6100 over projected budget), and $17,777 on Music Ministry.

    Our operating deficit was $118,534, while our designated fund deficit was $36,469. Our Mission Endowment Fund showed an investment gain on the year of $18,447 (10.8%). We continue to rely on the Noernberg Estate to cover our operating deficit. As regular offerings decrease while operating costs rise, we face the challenge of eradicating our deficit before running out of cash. However we have sufficient reserves to keep us going for several years to come.

    As we embark upon 2021, we continue to face the uncertainties of Covid19 lockdown. I urge us all to move forward with a renewed spirit of commitment and faith, as well as thankfulness that we are able to continue to serve the congregation and community despite the many challenges we face.


Thank you and God Bless.

Fred Curley, Treasurer

Balance Sheet:

















































DECEMBER 31, 2020

As the Food Pantry Committee Chairperson, I am pleased to report that the Food Pantry Program is on solid ground and is serving more people than ever before.

In 2020 the Pantry has been serving an average of 120 families per week with groceries that have included milk, laundry detergent, canned goods and a protein source in the form of a chicken leg quarter, pork sausage patties or ground beef. 

While the majority of our goods continue to come from the L.A. County Regional Food Bank, we continue to receive donations from people who are congregants and others in the neighborhood. 


Like everything else in 2020, the Food Pantry has had to modify how it operates due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


At the beginning of the pandemic, due to social distancing protocols, we moved our operation out of the Food Pantry room into Durkee Hall. To further maintain the safety of our volunteers, Pastor Joseph and I came up with a plan to deliver food directly to our client’s homes.

While the delivery idea was a good idea we needed to recruit more help from people willing to use their own vehicles as delivery vehicles.  But due to many factors, this program was shut down and we returned to walk-in service only. With the help of the many people who volunteer, Arpy, Doreen, Tricia, Leslie, Art, Pastor Ed, Pastor Ashley and Phyllis, we are able to serve in excess of 120 families in our 3 hour window of service.

This year, because of the amount of time involved in running the Food Pantry program, I was made a paid Food Pantry Coordinator.

In the coming year I will continue to coordinate the Food Pantry program working hard to keep the cost of operation as low as possible.


Tom Scott

Chairman of the Food Pantry Committee

Hollywood Lutheran Church




DECEMBER 31, 2020


As congregant worship was cancelled in early February of 2020, Hospitality activities were deferred for

the duration of the pandemic.  A return to regular potluck and birthday recognition is anticipated when

the "All Clear" has been sounded and we can resume 'actual' fellowship.

Submitted by Phyllis Lundine



Hollywood Lutheran Church

Property Committee

Annual Report for 2020


During 2020:


Because of our lack of usual activity we have needed to make just a very few minor repairs, mostly plumbing repairs.


(Abilio was able to make these repairs without having to pay a professional plumber) Along with Abilio, David Conrad has been keeping our property in excellent condition. Our church is being kept in "ready to use" condition for whenever it is safe for us to return.


Abilio Salguero, our sexton, who also happens to be a master carpenter and an all-around terrific handyman, has spent a lot of time and effort restoring the Bungalow at 17471/2 N. New Hampshire. We have owned this property for over 50 years. Unfortunately, we did not do a good job in maintaining this little house. In fact, we did nearly no repairing or up-grading for this bungalow for over 35 years, in other words, it was neglected.


Now, we have restored our Bungalow and currently it is 95% ready to be rented or put on the market. We still need a new roof. We have been having trouble acquiring a "Permit" from the city. Nothing else major needs attention.


We have invested over $20,000 in this needed restoration. Everything in our bungalow is new. Floors, appliances, and an all new bathroom and an all new kitchen-sink, stove and refrigerator, etc. The entire house, outside and in, has just been freshly painted. Thanks to Abilio's skills and effort, our bungalow is looking very good!!


Soon, the Hollywood Lutheran Church Council will be making a decision on its future. Whether, to rent, lease or sell.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding property issues for HLC, please let me hear them.




Submitted by,

Bill Richards- HLC Property Co-chair (with Ray Huff)